An island paradise

Kisimani House is located on the seaward fringe of Shela village and a five minute walk from the beach. Kisimani in Swahili means ‘the Place of the Well’ and to this day relies on it’s own source of artesian water.   



Originally built in the days of the Caliphate, Kisimani House is the only surviving example of ancient Swahili architecture in Shela. Complete with massive stone walls, carved archways and central courtyards that open up to the big, blue sky.



The ancients knew what they were doing of course, creating an inner source of light, shade, air and privacy throughout the interior. This sense of space continues on up through all four levels of the house with each level comprising a self-contained double en-suite and private terrace area.



An open stairway allows free movement between all floors without trespass. The house is therefore perfect for a family (or two) with children, or up to four couples or (singles) with space for toddlers if needed.



On the first floor there is a communal kitchen and terrace with cushioned seating and a hammock to lounge in under the shade of pink bougainvillea. In the centre of it all stands the dining table with the kitchen discretely adjacent.



At the very roof of the house there is a moon-deck terrace. With enormous views over Shela village, out towards Manda Island and the shining sea beyond; a perfect place for a sunrise smoothie or a sunset cocktail.



The house comes with a house steward/butler; Fred Kahindi who is there to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.  He speaks good English and can advise and assist you with anything from hiring dhows to ordering fresh seafood.


Beers and sodas are locally available. Bring your own spirits, wines, cheeses & bacon as these are not available in the village.