Generally, the entire house is exclusively booked by a family or group of friends.


When the house is not occupied individual rooms may be rented along with the use of common terraces and a fully equipped Kitchen. This is more economical if you do not need all the rooms and there are several good places nearby for breakfast, lunches and dinner.   


Bookings for the entire house are only confirmed on receipt of a 50% deposit. The balance must be paid 14 days prior to occupancy.


Rooms may be booked one week in advance (as above), or rented on a walk-in - space available basis. The staff will then make the payment arrangements.



Below are the rates for (A) the entire House and (B) the individual Rooms.



a. Standard ( 15 Jan to 15 Dec) . . . . . . . . . . . .$  250.00 per day.

b. Christmas / New Year period (15 Dec-15 Jan) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 1000.00 per day (min 10 days).



There are 4 levels to the house each with an ensuite bedroom.


The Takwa Room (overlooking Takwa Creek) is the top floor of the house with open walls, a seabreeze and a magnificant view Rate @ US$ 100 per couple per day.   


The Harusi Room  (Swahilli for Honeymoon) comprises the entire third floor with a king size bed and an open balcony that looks down onto the purple bouganvillia extravaganze below.

Rate @ US$ 100 per couple per day.   


The Amu Room is located on the second floor and upon entering one feels as if  they have stepped back to the era  of spice trading dhows . One wall is entirely covered inc cowrie shells (used as money in those early times)     

Rate @ US$ 75  per couple per day.   


The Zidaka Room stands at the bottom of the house and is complete with the original wall carvings etched a hundred years earlier when the island fist caught the eye of the Caliphate.

Rate @ US$ 75 per couple per day.   


* Extra people in the room @ US$50 pp/pd


Rooms are allocated on a first come basis.